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My Story

Amber Brauner


My story begins with an upbringing in a family in which self-sabotage & abuse assumed a hereditary role. The traumatic messages that I received told me loud and clear, I was unworthy of love. This belief I held in my mind since a young girl, prompted countless self-destructive behaviors later on in life including disordered eating, alcohol dependency, and external validation both from others and through material items. I found myself searching for love in the wrong places, tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and losing the will to live.


I suffered in silence because I couldn’t voice my vulnerabilities with my peers. I had a high-paying job, which financed my dysfunctional lifestyle, but also encouraged me to spend foolishly and collect financial responsibilities, such as a house and a luxury sports car. After over a decade of retelling myself this story, only to have it repeatedly end in self-harming behaviors, I couldn’t continue maintaining this high-functioning facade. I decided to re-write my story. I found help.

My healing journey began with counselling which guided me to put myself in the driver’s seat of my own life. I began to learn how to discern what my spirit needed and how to start taking action to follow my "joy compass". I explored a combination of lifestyle changes including yoga, running, diet, mindful alcohol consumption. I educated myself on a variety of subjects that spoke to me such as effective and open communication, nutrition, languages & linguistics (the structure of language), Human Design, manifestation, prosperity, psychology, world religions, spirituality, the art of placement (Feng Shui), and other forms of energetics. 


"I suffered in silence because I couldn't voice my vulnerabilities with my peers."


The experience and knowledge I acquired on my quest of self-discovery, inspired my decision to follow my life-long dream of publishing a book and becoming a writer. As I’ve been in the process of developing my manuscript for the 5 Principles of Confidence, I realized that my purpose in life is to share my journey of embodying self-love, and helping others who are looking to give their life story new meaning, in order to live a fulfilling, joyful, & meaningful life with direction.

"I learned to discern what my spirit needed and how to start taking action."


As part of my journey I've learned that your inner voice, consciousness, and perspective are all parts of a larger story you tell yourself about who you think you are, and of what you believe you are capable. This story has the power to champion you toward a life you love, or it can undermine you at every step of the way. Today my purpose is to help you rewrite your story and embody your new truth, to set the stage for a fresh start; a new beginning in life. This purpose is fueled by a strong vision: a world in which we all embody the highest expression of self through the power of self-love. If everyone truly and unconditionally loved themself, we all would have a greater well of love to give. It is in the changes we make inside of us that ultimately change the world outside of us.


I am supported by an amazing life-partner Jeremy, our beautiful son Noah, our dog Charlie, my beloved friends, and my healing family. 


Thank you for taking the time to learn about my story, and I look forward to connecting with you.

Much love,


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To hear more about my story, listen to Episode One of The Confidently You Podcast

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