My Story

Amber Brauner


I grew up in a family in which trauma and abuse assumed a hereditary role. I was no exception to the harm and violation that shadowed the generations that came before me, and this established a baseline reflex of unworthiness, which later on in life, I primarily expressed through disordered eating. I utilized control over food as a method to cope with stressors in my life. After over a decade of self-harm, I eventually spiralled into a rock bottom, in which I was reliant on alcohol, external-validation, binging & purging, and material items. I found myself searching for love in the wrong places, tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and losing the will to live.

I suffered in silence, because I lacked the willingness to be vulnerable with my peers. I had a high-paying job, which financed my dysfunctional lifestyle, but also encouraged me to spend foolishly and collect financial responsibilities, such as a house and a luxury sports car. At some point I couldn’t maintain this high-functioning facade.  I made a decision to re-write my story. I found help.

Counselling was merely the catalyst of my healing journey. Counselling guided me to put myself in the driver seat of my own life, and take action in response to what my spirit needed. I found healing through an intentional life-style change that included yoga, running, diet, mindful alcohol consumption, effective communication, a willingness to be vulnerable, and following my “joy compass”.  I educated myself on a variety of subjects that spoke to me such as nutrition, languages and linguistics (communication), manifestation, prosperity, psychology, world religions, spirituality, the art of placement (Feng Shui), and energy. 

"I had more energy and love to give"


The experience and knowledge I acquired on my quest of self-discovery, inspired my decision to follow my life-long dream of publishing a book and becoming a writer through invention of my 5 principles of confidence. My dream didn’t stop with writing. During my writing process (which is still in the works), I realized that my purpose in life is to share my journey of embodying self-love, and helping others who are looking to heal, in order to live a fulfilling life and experience freedom.


My mission is to help YOU achieve total freedom and optimize your life by building confidence. This mission is fuelled by a strong vision: a world in which we all experience true self-love. If we all truly and unconditionally loved ourselves, we would have a greater well of love to give. Instead of a cup half full, our cups would be overflowing. It’s the changes we make in ourselves that ultimately change the world. 


I am supported by an amazing life-partner, Jeremy, our beautiful son Noah and dog Charlie, my beloved friends, and my healing family. 


Thank you for taking the time to learn about my story, and I look forward to connecting with you.

Much love,


"I suffered in silence, because I lacked the willingness to be vulnerable..."


Why professional organizing? My childhood home was a near constant state of clutter and dysfunction. This was a direct reflection of a failing, unfit relationship between my parents. As a young girl, I often found myself cleaning, and taking charge on the organization of cupboards and storage areas; it was frustrating that my family was so out of sync and couldn’t harmoniously maintain a space together. This lack of equal cooperation, likewise paralleled disrespect for each other’s space, personal energetic needs, and personal belongings. As an adult, I live a very different lifestyle from my childhood; I superimpose intentional organization upon many faucets of my life. This enables me to have freedom and optimize my life, because it effectively transcends my 5 principles of confidence in the form of quantifiable action. (For more details on how this works, see ”Services” drop-down menu.)

Why confidence? The inspiration for confidence came from my direct sales partnership with Monat®️Global, a non-toxic, naturally–based beauty company (haircare, skincare & wellness). Initially as a customer, the use of their products helped me feel confident on the outside, which enabled me to offer the best version of myself to others. I had more energy and love to give, as a return of investment in myself. My transformation with the products made such a profound impact on my life, that I decided to join the brand and offer confidence-boosting products to others.

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