Coaching Methods

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Human Design:

You know that feeling when you can sense someone is looking at you and the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up, then you turn around and sure enough someone is gazing in your direction? That is your aura sensing their aura; their energy. Human Design (the study of how humans are unique) explains how this aura works as it interacts with others. This is called your “energetic blueprint”. Understanding how your energetic blueprint works, empowers you to become the master of your energy. This means that you can embody the highest expression of yourself, claim your superpowers, and give yourself a permission slip to be the authentic version of yourself & speak your truth. You will learn the basics of Human Design and how to embody your unique blueprint with confidence.

Cycle Syncing:

For individuals that have a menstrual cycle, this is for you! With the fluctuation of your hormones throughout your cycle, you also experience a fluctuation in your energy. With this modality in Amber’s coaching, you can learn how to align and master your energy as it ebbs and flows, which empowers you to spend time on what matters to you, embody your cyclical superpowers, and avoid burnt-out.

Communication & Manifestation:

“Your language not only describes your reality, but also determines it.” It’s from this principle you will experience guidance on how to transform your life. You will learn how to manifest through communication by seeking truth with Amber’s guidance. Learning this tool positions you to manifest your soul’s desires into existence, strengthens your relationship with yourself and others, and ultimately live a more joyful, purposeful, and meaningful life. You will begin to view truth & communication as powerful tools that show you how to stay on your path and achieve your goals.

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The goal of coaching is to take you through the process of achieving personal growth. You can expect to experience structure, and a method and process with Amber, as she leads you to create change by guiding you through your consciousness. Looking into and questioning your consciousness (aka your mind) is a way to show you what is holding you back from excelling at the use of your unique gifts. In the form of conversation, you develop strategies and ways of thinking that first help you understand, then overcome self-sabotaging behaviour that comes from unconscious limiting beliefs. Amber’s coaching style prompts you to answer challenging questions to alter your thinking and ultimately be on a search of what is “truth”.

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Hypnotherapy & NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming):

If you’re like most people then each time you’ve tried to form new positive habits, you’ve done so by using your willpower. Unknown to most, your willpower only has access to 5% of your brainpower. The other 95% of your brain’s power is found in your unconscious mind. This part of your mind is hard-wired and has programming, that when intentionally accessed, can be reprogrammed to put you in alignment with your goals in life. Hypnotherapy & NLP allow you to use less energy and experience less resistance, which means you’ll reach your goals faster and will feel nearly effortless.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique):

It can sometimes be difficult to experience emotions. It’s easy to find yourself in the cycle of suppressing your feelings or seeking numbing agents like alcohol or Netflix. But denying the experience of emotions means that your body doesn’t process the energy that is the emotion (energy in motion), and holds onto it. Much like how if there were a break in an electrical wire, this behaviour manifests “energetic blocks” in the body that prevent your energy from maintaining flow. This block in your energy flow keeps you feeling insecure, full of self-doubt, and out of control. You can learn how to process this emotional energy fast & effectively, and easily begin implementing it today.

Feng Shui (the art of placement):

Ever wonder why you prefer to be seated with your back to a corner or wall? Or why you are so affected by clutter in your space? That’s because the energy of objects, and the placement of objects, affect your personal energy. You can learn how to establish an environment that supports your unique energetic needs. Doing so helps you be more effective & productive, be more comfortable in your space, and even welcome prosperity into your life.

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