What is Confidence?


Confidence is an energetic state of being, when trust is established in oneself, as a result of unconditional self-love. This devotion of self enables one to act and speak with fortitude and posture.

“I confidently say yes, and comfortably say no.”

This fearless energy is contagious, and ignites a forceful light in others to the point of empowerment.

“I empower others by being assertive.”

How does it bring total freedom?

Confidence manifests personal, time, and financial freedom.

Personal freedom is living your life unapologetically as your true, embodied self; becoming the master of your own mind.

Time freedom is the ability to prioritize and expend your time in direct correlation to your passions, values, morals, purpose, and joy compass. Financial freedom is monetary abundance and a prosperous life, due to empowerment of others through giving.

Total freedom is achieved when you acknowledge and practice my 5 principles of confidence. The platform of my Design Your Life service approaches these principles in a unique manner that encourages active participation in self-healing.



My 5 Principles of confidence.

Confidence does not manifest through a series of consecutive steps, rather a conscious integration of principles that equally affect each other. 

Cultivate Energy 

Communicate with Integrity 

Pursue Personal Development 

Consistently Take Inspired Action 

Foster Faith 


Each Principle is comprised of 3 focuses:

Cultivate Energy


Responsibility - Heal - Alchemize


You are at cause for your life; you must take radical responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, your actions, and to what you devote your energy (etc). You are responsible for healing your mind, body, and spirit. Intentional healing heightens and supports your ability to alchemize positive, intentional energy.

Communicate with Integrity


Intention - Affirmations of Truth - Connection


Your intention is the filter through which your unconscious mind perceives your reality. You strengthen this intention through repetitive affirmations of truth; whether through intentional daily training, or your everyday discourse. Speaking and living your truth deepens your connection to energies, the universe, your unconscious mind, and your higher self. 

Pursue Personal Development


Positive Mindset - Knowledge - Evolution

Mindset is everything. Maintaining a positive mindset strengthens all 5 principles of confidence. Acquisition of knowledge encourages not only your personal evolution, but the evolution of others, which raises the consciousness of the collective. Knowledge is power. Your evolution is what brings you closet to enlightenment.

Consistently Take Inspired Action

Daily Habits - Intuition (Joy) - Manifestation


Quantum leaps happen through baby steps; you become the best version of yourself through consistently building daily habits that are in alignment with your goals and who you want to be. Follow your joy compass. This is your intuition knocking on your door and telling you to “listen up! Bring this idea to life by completing this action.” Taking aligned, inspired action, will ensure you manifest the life you design.

Foster Faith

Beliefs & Values - (For)Give - Purpose

Your beliefs and values must be in alignment with the highest version of yourself. Forgiveness liberates you of energetic strain on your mind, body and spirit (heightening your ability to alchemize energy). Giving fulfills your life with purpose, and having a purpose motivates you and helps you maintain focus through the highs and lows of life.

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