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Moon Rituals


Expect to Experience:

  • A virtual group coaching setting with focus on releasing energetic blocks & setting intentions

  • Potential break-throughs offered up by your unconscious mind

  • Powerful visualization exercises to realign your energy & mindset

  • 90-120 minute duration


How to Prepare:

  • Release all expectations and welcome the notion that this ritual is a safe space

  • Create a cozy environment & alter for yourself— candlelight recommended

  • Bring a journal & pen for reflection, and any personal metaphysical objects such as crystals, candles, cards, etc.

  • Have an intentional alter item to represent something you intend to welcome to release in your life (ex: money, a handwritten note, photo, special item, etc.)

It's hard to explore your truth and start anew when you're feeling disconnected from yourself, lacking direction & purpose, or are unsure of where to start. When you tap into your energy and your unconscious mind, a whole new world of story lines and possibilities become available for you to explore.  Amber's Moon Rituals bring the power of conscious intention into your fresh start through expansive visualization exercises, body movement, hypnotherapy, and neurolingustic programming, in a virtual group-setting all from the comfort of your own home. 

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Important note: Amber invites you to educate yourself on the use of sacred plants, in order to honour and respect the culture from which you obtain your spiritual knowledge. Sage is a sacred plant used in many Indigenous cultures, that has unfortunately been misused and disrespectfully harvested. When sourcing Sage (and other sacred plants), look for ethically sourced, and picked to protocol— which is the tradition of offering tobacco to the earth in exchange for the sacred sage. Unless if you are of Indigenous lineage, when burning your sage, you are performing a “smoke cleanse”, which is very different from the traditional practice of “Smudging”. Acknowledging this is how you can ensure that you are maintaining a level of respect for whom you obtain your spiritual knowledge, for your own spiritual growth and expansion.


Click here for a helpful article to further guide you to understanding this sensitive topic.

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