Moon Rituals

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Important note: Amber invites you to educate yourself on the use of sacred plants, in order to honour and respect the culture from which you obtain your spiritual knowledge. Sage is a sacred plant used in many Indigenous cultures, that has unfortunately been misused and disrespectfully harvested. When sourcing Sage (and other sacred plants), look for ethically sourced, and picked to protocol— which is the tradition of offering tobacco to the earth in exchange for the sacred sage. Unless if you are of Indigenous lineage, when burning your sage, you are performing a “smoke cleanse”, which is very different from the traditional practice of “Smudging”. Acknowledging this is how you can ensure that you are maintaining a level of respect for whom you obtain your spiritual knowledge, for your own spiritual growth and expansion.


Click here for a helpful article to further guide you to understanding this sensitive topic.

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Are you in search of a communicative modality that aligns with your spirituality, so that you can strengthen your relationship with yourself? Are you seeking meaningful connections with like-minded people who value vulnerability, spirituality, and the metaphysical? Do you feel called to explore your inherent self-communication skills by harnessing the energetic potency of the moon? If you found yourself nodding yes to any of these questions, then consider this your formal invitation to register for an upcoming Moon Ritual.

Each moon phase signifies a cycle and offers powerful imagery for you to communicate with your unconscious mind. Opening up this channel of communication helps you set powerful intentions & goals, and let go of what is holding you back from stepping into your confident self. For millennia, various cultures and backgrounds around the globe recognize the gravitational energy that the beautiful moon offers to us earth-dwellers. Because moon rituals are rooted in Indigenous cultures, Amber encourages you to consciously honour the people of this background for providing the collective with rich spiritual knowledge.

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A financial contribution is both accepted and tremendously appreciated, but it can also enhance your experience because you are signalling to your unconscious mind to find value in exchange for your financial investment. Amber forwards 10% of all financial contributions received to non-profit organization(s) that support Indigenous people local to her, as a way to pay it forward and use her privilege in a way to create positive change and help improve the quality of life for this oppressed minority.


Expect to


  • Deep relaxation through the modalities of guided meditation, NLP & Hypnotherapy practices

  • A sense of weightlessness and empowerment

  • Clarity and focused energy

  • Potential break-throughs offered up by your unconscious mind

  • Learning about the significance of the moon, its astrological significance, and other “woo woo” sh*t

  • A group coaching session that empowers you to release energy/set intentions

  • Participating in a welcoming, non-judgmental community that values vulnerability


How to Prepare:

  • Release all expectations and welcome the notion that this ritual is a safe space

  • Create a cozy environment & alter for yourself— candlelight recommended

  • A journal and pen for reflection, and any personal metaphysical objects such as crystals, candles, cards, etc.

  • Create a peaceful environment for yourself, candlelight is recommended, but whatever feels good to you.

For New Moon: Bring an intentional alter item to represent something that you intend to welcome into your life (ex: money, a note, photo, special item of importance)

For Full Moon: Bring an intentional alter item to represent something that you intend to release from your life (ex: photo, note, significant item)

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If you feel called to submit a donation, 10% of donations/tithings contributed to the ritual will be forwarded to True North Aid—Moon Time Sisters, a volunteer-led organization committed to supporting northern Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan and Ontario. 

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If a donation does not resonate with you, but you see value in my energy, I would appreciate your support by following my Instagram account and/or my Facebook business page or leaving a Google review!