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Confidence Call

About this Session

To work with Amber, a free (up to) 45 minute exploratory call is recommended in order to establish your needs, desires, where you currently are and where you want to go, and which coaching package/program/workshop is right for you. Amber guides you to choose the package that is right for YOU, to ensure that you experience optimal results. Amber values and respects your and her own time, and endeavours to help you experience aligned results in the shortest time possible.

  • 45 minutes

Cancellation Policy

Cancelations & refunds are considered based on the following: Confidence Calls may be cancelled at any time without penalty. 1:1 sessions (Break-Through sessions, Hypnotherapy/NLP sessions, and Design Your Life) will have a 48 hour window to cancel with a refund. Upon booking you will receive a follow up email within 24 hours that includes a coaching agreement. This agreement needs to be filled out and sent back to the corresponding email in order to receive your Pre Session Workbook. Once the contract is returned to the coach, cancelations and refunds are not possible— only rescheduling. You will receive the Pre Session Workbook once the contract is filled out and returned. **Important Note: It’s recommended that you book any 1:1 session 7 days in advance. This provides enough space for you to cancel if necessary, fill out and return the contract, and receive your Pre Session Workbook for filling out and returning. It will be assumed that if you wish to book 1:1 sessions with less than 7 days notice, that you accept and understand that the possibility for cancelation/refunds/rescheduling are reduced, and your available time to complete the workbook is also reduced. The Pre Session Workbook is for your best interest in order to have a highly focused, productive, and transformative experience; it is not required to be filled out, however, strongly recommended. Rescheduling agreed booking times must be done with a minimum of 24 hours notice. If you do not attend the session at the agreed time, neither rescheduling nor refunds are possible. A full payment will be required to rebook a new session. Refunds for purchasable products (such as hypnotherapy audio files, but not limited to) are final sale. Any exceptional circumstances will be addressed and considered, but ultimately left at the discretion of the coach. Satisfaction Guarantee: As stated in the Cancelation Policy, once your coaching contract is returned to the coach, refunds and cancelations are not possible. This is in place to encourage you to hold yourself accountable and responsible for your growth, evolution, and transformation. However, there is a satisfaction guarantee in place to ensure there is no risk involved with the agreement. This means if the client demonstrates reasonable effort, participates fully, and withholds their undertaking of the agreement (detailed in Section 8. of the coaching contract), the satisfaction guarantee is possible to implement if the client feels the guidance received by the coach offered no value. Satisfaction guarantee will only be considered after the workbooks & other tools offered are utilized and completed, and the session has been completed plus 21 days. Implementing the satisfaction guarantee is ultimately up to the coach’s discretion.